"The BZ is a fantastic place for your furry friend to have a day out of the house! My dog loves the BZ and always gets excited when we pull into the parking lot!!"

Michelle "Komatsu"

2015 Customer

Rick did such An amazing job with my German shepherd. He would bark and lung at people on walks, and that is now a problem of the past.

Paula "Colby"

2017 Customer

Our 3 year old female, Chesapeake Bay retriever had gradually become more food aggressive with our 10 year old lab. It was so bad, that the last attack resulted in lacerations. I came to Rick in desperation and with the hope that my girl could be trained to behave politely and ultimately be able to remain in our home. Rick has done just that! After 2 short weeks with Rick, she is calmer, polite, and respectful to our lab. She is no longer behaving poorly around food and is even no longer over excited and overtly dominate. The "place" command has changed our lives the most. During dinner for my family, Lily will politely stay on her rug for long periods of time. This allows me to attend to family life without having to worry about what she is doing. Rick's philosophy that training your dog should fit into your life is such a relief. With his instruction, I can now provide my dominate, sassy girl the leadership that she needs. Lily must have also enjoyed her time with Rick, because when I took her back for boarding she was so excited she cried. Such a relief to a mom! We are so thankful for Rick and his expertise. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a dog with behavior issues. Thank you Rick!

"Lily" Mrs. Wilson

2017 Customer

“Rick is BY FAR one of the best trainers we have ever seen with dogs. He has helped our pup grow leaps and bounds! We would trust him any day to train our dog and help him learn good manners.
Thanks Rick and BZ from our family to yours for all of your hard work and dedication!”

Jack Robertson

2015 Customer

“Rick is AMAZING!!! I had struggled for a couple of years with my dog and his pulling and leash reactivity. I’ve seen different trainers and used all kinds of methods that just wasn’t working. And to boot made me feel like something was wrong with me and my dog bc he wasn’t responding. I was just about to come to a point where I just accept that well this is my life and we will never be able to go out in public until Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training sent me to Rick. Rick was able to fix what I had struggled with for years in a matter of minutes. Just after one session I left with so much confidence as a dog parent and that I got this!”

Caroline Maners

2014 Customer

Hi Rick! We just want to let you know how pleased we are with Boomer's training! The leadership exercises definitely helped with his barking and impulse control. It is actually enjoyable to take him for walks now, which is fantastic! We can take him out to dinner and not be afraid that he will bark at everyone! You did a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! Thank you for helping us have a wonderful puppy!


2015 Customer

Thank you Rick for helping me get my hyper-active, yorkiepoo (Max) under control! It's hard to believe I can now throw a tennis ball while he patiently waits for me to tell him "break" so he can retrieve it. It's also nice being able to have company over and Max stay in "place" instead of running around, barking and jumping on everyone. We will definitely continue to work on the leadership exercises you have taught us!

Deanna Pack "Max"

2016 Customer

Hi Folks... Rick has done such an amazing job with Sheba. She is an awesome dog but was way hyper for my wife and little girl, she would not listen and pull you over while trying to walk her. Thanks to Rick she now listens and is such a pleasure to play with. My wife and daughter can now walk her without being yanked off their feet. Money well spent .... Rick did an outstanding job, cannot believe this is the same pup. Thanks so much Rick. Have recommended him to all my friends.

John "Sheba"

2016 Customer

Thank you to Rick for all your help with Josey!! We have been keeping up with the tools and instructions you provided us with and Josey is now successfully hiking, walking, and running off-leash with minimal e-collar correction! She has the freedom she wants and I have the peace of mind I want and we are having a blast exploring the outdoors together now. In fact, she just rocked a hike with me in Colorado and did not react to/try to chase any birds or chipmunks...something I never thought would be possible! :)

Jessica Townsdin "Josey"

2016 Customer

Our dog Dixie spent a week with Rick. She is a great dog who now has super puppy manners! He did such a good job "training" our family on how to work with Dixie!

Missy "Dixie"

2016 Customer

Rick did an AWESOME job with Millie! Walks are 10x easier and I don't have to worry about her jumping up on the walls and counters when I'm getting things done around the house! She is a whole new dog that knows how to listen and relax! Thanks for all that you do over at the Bark Zone!

Katie "Millie"

2016 Customer

Piper our 8 month lab just finished 2 weeks at the barking zone. We knew she needed training but we were reluctant to let her go for 2 weeks. We are so glad that we did! We just got her home yesterday and she is doing great. We went on a 3 mile walk this am and she did not pull at all. This is a 180 from before the baking zone. We also have had trouble with her chasing the cat. We have used the remote color a couple of times since she has been home and she is already getting the message not to chase. She has been happy hanging in place when we eat and when I do laundry making our house run much more smoothly. Jumping on the kids was another huge issue. She has had some correction at home and is doing better. She just has to be reminded. If this is the results we have after less than 24 hours, I can't wait to see what's to come! Thank you so much barking zone!

Mrs. Rivers "Piper"

2017 Customer

The Barking Zone and Rick have totally changed our lives. Bailey, our boxer, needed help. Deep inside she was a sweet girl. Rick suggested a board and train. When her board and train was over, I picked up a new dog. Gone was her anxious, nervous, afraid of strangers, other dogs and everything else behavior. I felt like my baby was at summer camp but the daily videos and pictures of her training and quick response to my questions put me at ease. I saw each day huge progress. He was working hard, training her to be the dog I knew she could be. We are following our homework and love our new dog.

Paige "Bailey"

2015 Customer

“Rick and his work with our pup, Dakota, has opened a new world in the way we relate with one another. Dakota is now a pleasure to walk with, respects others that we meet (allowing them to love on him) and is confident when we meet other dogs while we walk. I can now even walk with Dakota and navigate the “woods of squirrels” without Dakota being naughty!
I would highly recommend Rick and his program. Not only is his passion for your best friends success obvious, but the way he achieves that success is done in a manner that drives and deserves respect from your pup.”

Mark Cook

2015 Customer

“I just want to take a minute to thank Rick and The BZ. I have a male dog that became aggressive toward my three other dogs two years ago. Since then we have kept him separate at all times from the other dogs and it absolutely ruled our lives juggling the dogs. Recently, he got out and attacked one of the other dogs and hurt him badly. I was facing finding a new home for him but that broke my heart…. As a last resort, I tried one week of doggy boot camp and training with Rick. My dog came home a changed dog. Today for the first time in two years I was able to walk my dogs together. It was a really amazing experience. Rick taught me to think differently as well. We have major rules in place. There is now respect. My other dogs no longer cower in fear. I cannot thank Rick enough or recommend his training enough.”

Ashley Tarver

2015 Customer

“Rick is an awesome trainer! Bennet is a joy now that Rick trained him…and me.”

Florence Jackson

2015 Customer

“I can’t say enough about Rick & his training program. I dropped of my new pup & he had her listening staying in ‘place’ within an hour.”

Niki Corbett Hovanec

2014 Customer

We are so grateful to Rick and the Barking Zone. Our 5-month old puppy was running the show in our house, destroying everything, not listening or obeying, and not making much potty training progress. I had doubts that a week of training would help, but I was 100% wrong! Rick was fantastic. He taught our pup to obey commands and calm down when needed. He was a changed pup-- for the better! And then Rick taught us how to continue training at home. We followed all of Rick's advice, and now our whole family is happier. Truly grateful!!

Ginny "Jenkins"

2016 Customer

Our family would like to thank Rick for his help with Buttercup. She is a 1 year old German Shepherd with an extremely high energy level, that had a difficult time relaxing. After a week with Rick, she has shown a dramatic change in her behavior. After asking several questions to find out what we where looking for in her training, Rick was able to personalize a training program for Buttercup. He also "trained" the owners so we could follow up and expand her new skills after she returned to our home. The past week has shown a drastic improvement in her behavior and her willingness to follow commands. This has increased her ability to just hang out and relax with our family.

Again, we would like to thank Rick for all of his hard work and great results. He went above and beyond all expectations we had for her training. I would highly recommend to anybody needing dog training that they sit down and talk with Rick. He is willing to personalize your dog's training plan to suit your needs. He also provides insight to how the training is progressing with multiple videos on Facebook. Again, I would highly recommend Rick for your dog training needs.

Craig "Buttercup"

2016 Customer

We could not be more pleased with Rick at the Barking Zone. He does amazing work. We are the parents of Liv the 5 year old GoldenDoddle that went from a wild puppy heathen to the super dog!! She is moving to a remote leash now and doing excellent. Rich came by our house today and Liv went crazy wanting to see Rick. Our Liv loves him and so do we. Made a completely different dog out of her! Thank you Rick (or the guy who talks to dogs)for a excellent job! I just can't believe the results!

Wayne "Liv"

2016 Customer

Thank you, Rick, for transforming our goldendoodlegoat into a well-mannered family member. Tucker is able to stay in "place" for a long period of time and is doing great walking with his leash. It was worth every penny for the 2 week boot camp!! Thank you so much for your help and expertise!!

Michelle "Tucker"

2016 Customer

We brought Belle home from the The Barking Zone board and train. The picture below is Belle in place. A very big thank you to Rick Clark, his family and any staff that assisted in Belle's training and care. She came to us a big loving puppy who had no idea how to act properly. She was a wild thing. We have continuing work to do, but I see us now being able to enjoy Belle and Belle enjoying us. I also want to thank my family and friends who constantly supported us and offered encouragement. A very big shout out and thank you to Lisa Foote who was my first contact with the barking zone. She offered me advice, helped keep me balanced and assured me through the time I was waiting to get in the program. I understand now why there is such a waiting period to get in, but it was most definitely worth it. Belle is a work in progress but aren't we all?

Carol "Belle"

2016 Customer

AMAZING! That's how I feel about the transformation in our sweet Dexter. I brought Rick a loving puppy with tons of energy that was driving his 11 year old doggie sister crazy. He might have been a little frustrating for us too! Today, I brought home a loving, polite puppy that is so eager to please us. We celebrated his arrival at home and practiced all that Dexter had learned. He completed every task like a champ! Sunshine doesn't have to run and hide from Dexter anymore. She is a happy camper! I have tried several different training sessions with other dogs and there is absolutely no comparison to what Rick was able to accomplish with Dexter. THANK YOU!


2016 Customer

Rick did an amazing job with Banks during a two week Board & Train. We dropped off an overly excited (adrenalized) puppy who was growing too fast in size and energy for us to handle and picked up a calm, polite and focused young gentleman! You could tell watching them interact in the videos and in person that Banks really respected and liked Rick, which was very comforting because we could tell he was in firm but loving hands. We have only been home for an hour but we are already using the tools and practicing what we learned and Banks is rocking it. We can't wait to show Rick how well we're doing in a few days!

Mrs. Hagan

"Banks" 2016

Thanks to Rick our life is less stressful. We have more control over Harley and she is a great dog that we can take everywhere. Having a dog that comes when called, walkes nicely, and that can chill out when we need her to is great! A trained dog is a happy dog!

Vicki "Harley"


We just completed a set of day and train sessions with our Great Pyrenees puppy, Lucy. After the first day of working with Rick, she was a different dog. What he has taught her, and especially what he has taught us, has transformed Lucy into a wonderful family pet. There is so much less puppy chaos, even when the kids are going crazy! I've always wanted to train a therapy dog and Rick has given me the confidence to pursue that dream with my sweet girl! The Barking Zone is worth every penny if you want to have an awesome relationship with your dog. Thanks again, Rick!


2017 Customer

Rick did such a great job with Ranger. He came back a different (better) dog!

Ronnie "Ranger"

2016 Customer

Benny had a great time at the BZ! He is much calmer now, likes going on walks, and can meet new dogs and cats without being nervous!

Mrs. Sharp "Benny"

2017 Customer

It was the best thing we could have ever done for our puppy Zeta and ourselves. I highly recommend board and train!!! This was the best investment. She's so calm! Every video we saw Rick posted of our puppy she seemed happy & very responsive. We plan on doing the off leash board training In the future.

Mr. Conwill "Zeta"

2017 Customer

Rick did an amazing job with our 2 pit bull mixes. Deacon is our 5 year old who had serious problems with crate escape and destructive behavior when we were gone. Bella is our 1 year old who was always super excited and constantly underfoot at home. Both dogs had leash reactivity and some dog aggression on walks. We did the board and train program for 2 weeks at which point we came back to 2 very polite and respectful dogs! More importantly, Rick gave us the tools and training to help keep it up at home. When we did had some problems with Deacon escaping his crate while we were gone, Rick took him back for some additional work and now he's behaving. We recently took both dogs to a trip to Home Depot (lots of distractions) and they did great. We would recommend Rick and his team to anyone - they are awesome!

Erin "Deacon and Bella"

2017 Customer

"We love The Barking Zone, and so does our sweet Nilla! She has a wonderful time playing with her doggie pals, and every day she is excited to walk through the doors to go play. The staff are caring and clearly love the dogs they oversee, and they know all the dogs' names and habits. I highly recommend doggie daycare for all dogs as a great way to socialize and exercise, and I especially recommend The Barking Zone as the place to do it!"

Julie "Nilla"

2015 Customer

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me and Tinker, my aussie. Before I came to you I thought I was going to have to suck it up and live with a misbehaving puppy. We were not in a happy place. After one session, Tinker begs to go on walks, behaves on the leash and walking is a pleasure for both of us! You really know how to train both the owner and the dog!”

Rebecca (Tinker)

2013 Customer

“Great job with Blue this week. Amazing results. Thanks Rick.”

Matt Alldredge

2015 Customer

“Our 1 year-old Labradoodle, Doug, comes home happily exhausted after every visit! We just started obedience training last night and Doug is already like a different dog. :) ”

Shelley Taylor

2015 Customer

“I can’t imagine a better doggy daycare! Fun and learning with their excellent training by Rick Clark!”

Tori Smith

2015 Customer

Words can not expressed how pleased my family and I are with the work you've done with Loui'. He's home chilling like NEVER before! The drive home in the car was awesome. We will definitely do our homework to continue Loui's transformation. Thanks again Rick :-)

2016 Customer

We can't say enough good things about Rick and The Barking Zone ! Rick gave us the training knowledge and tools to manage and enjoy one very energetic puppy !! Rick's methods work and the dogs respond beautifully ! In my book , he is the true "dog whisperer !" We wouldn't go anywhere else ! Doggie daycare at The Barking Zone is great too- a fun safe place to leave your dog when you can't be with them or just need them to get rid of some energy !!!

Lisa Polhill

2016 Customer

Rick has given us a whole new dog! After hours and hours of training at a "big box" pet store our dog Boo would still nearly pull you down while walking on the leash and only did what she wanted to. After about 5 minutes with Rick, she was walking at a perfect heel. The good news is he did most of the work training us and the dog was pretty smart all along! Definitely worth every penny. Thanks Rick!

Kathy "Boo"

2016 Customer

A huge "Thank you" to Rick for helping train Scout and us! Scout is an almost 2 year old high energy lab mix (1/2 lab, 1/2 golden retriever). She can now be inside so much more! She's learned to stay in place, to wait at thresholds, to sit, to lie down, to walk on a leash correctly and so much more!! We know it will take continued work with her but it's incredible to see the progress that we could never have done without Rick and The Barking Zone.

Aline "Sarge"

2016 Customer

Before training my dogs were out of control. Barked constantly, wouldn't come when called, walk on a leash, etc. after 2 weeks with Rick they are different dogs. They are so well behaved. They don't bark constantly and I can even walk them up and down the street. They are so much more enjoyable now. I highly recommend Rick for training. He has done wonders for my babies.

"Little Man and Harley"

Karen 2016

We would like to thank Rick for working so hard with our wild baby girl Roxie. She was a maniac around the house, chewing on anything, and couldn't sit still..ever. She has definitely calmed down and will follow commands now! She is like a new pup! Rick is amazing!

"Mr. Jones "

Roxie" 2016

Rick did a great job with Bella. Now we walk our dog not the other way around.

Justin Turner "Bella"

2017 Customer

I can't say enough positive things about Rick. We sent our new German shepherd puppy to him and we received a polite responsive pup back. We were so impressed with Cooper's progress, we sent our very hyper 5 year old weim/lab mix for a board and train session. When we received back Bella, I though he had swapped dogs! Bella was respectful and CALM. Before Rick, she would fixate on the kitty outside and Rick helped us break the fixation. Now she sees the kitty and turns away! We wondered why we didn't use Rick sooner!

Jennifer "Bella and Cooper"

2017 Customer

Arnie is a well behaved and happy puppy now! Rick really did amazing things with our puppy. Our home is much more relaxed and fun with our well behaved and sweet Arnie! He is polite, calm, and sweeter than ever! Thanks Rick for your time and care!


2017 Customer

Love, love, LOVE The Barking Zone and Rick's training! He does such a good job of not only teaching the dog but the human learns just as much. He makes sure everything is done safely and that training aids/tools are used properly without stressing the dog. The Barking Zone is such a great place and I know that when I'm boarding my dog that she will have a blast partying with her pack of friends. Once again, I'm really impressed with the safety and professionalism. I absolutely would recommend the doggy daycare as well as Rick's training to anyone looking to enrich their dog's life.

Mrs. Horn

2017 Customer