Michelle "Komatsu"

2015 Customer

"The BZ is a fantastic place for your furry friend to have a day out of the house! My dog loves the BZ and always gets excited when we pull into the parking lot!!"


Paige "Bailey"

2015 Customer

The Barking Zone and Rick have totally changed our lives. Bailey, our boxer, needed help. Deep inside she was a sweet girl. Rick suggested a board and train. When her board and train was over, I picked up a new dog. Gone was her anxious, nervous, afraid of strangers, other dogs and everything else behavior. I felt like my baby was at summer camp but the daily videos and pictures of her training and quick response to my questions put me at ease. I saw each day huge progress. He was working hard, training her to be the dog I knew she could be. We are following our homework and love our new dog.


Julie "Nilla"

2015 Customer

"We love The Barking Zone, and so does our sweet Nilla! She has a wonderful time playing with her doggie pals, and every day she is excited to walk through the doors to go play. The staff are caring and clearly love the dogs they oversee, and they know all the dogs' names and habits. I highly recommend doggie daycare for all dogs as a great way to socialize and exercise, and I especially recommend The Barking Zone as the place to do it!"

Lisa “Frankie”

Lisa “Frankie”

2017 Customer

Rick is amazing!! Our Frankie boy came home a changed dog. We had some issues with Frankie jumping all over us, eating things he shouldn’t (his blanket), and just not listening. I think we all got tired of saying “Frankie no!” He is so calm and relaxed now. He hasn’t jumped once, and is very aware when I give him commands and most of all.....he listens! I’m excited to continue his training at home, but after just a few short days I already see a HUGE difference in him. Thank you Rick for giving us the tools to work with our boy. I know I needed to be trained properly as well, and I know we have many years ahead with Frankie being a fantastic boy!!


David "Stella Rose"

2018 Customer

Our Stella Rose stayed with Rick for 2 weeks of training, she learned so much! Recall and place are amazing tools for any dog!!! Now we can take our sweet girl anywhere!