Frequently Asked Questions


Is your daycare supervised at all time?

There will ALWAYS be someone watching the dogs while they are playing in the yard. During nap time, the dogs are in a run or a cage and are not supervised.

I noticed that your daycare is all outside. What happens if it starts raining?

The daycare has a roof that covers 3/4 of the yard. However, you might be surprised how much dogs love to play in the rain! If the rain turns into lightning storm, we take the dogs inside.

How many dogs do you have Partying at The Barking Zone?

Usually we have somewhere between 30-50 per day. During holidays, we have 50+!

What is a month pass?

If you plan to have your dog party for 4 or more days a week, we recommend a month pass which is $375 and is well worth the investment.

Do you have separate play yards?

We have 2 separate play yards: one for bigger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Occasionally, we will put the senior dogs in the small dog yard. We are also located at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and there is always a veterinarian if anything occurs while at daycare.


What happens if I do not get the results from the training?

We strongly believe that we get superb results with our training method. We are dedicated to building a relationship between you and your dog; however, the progress does depend on your part as well. You will need to be committed to do what we ask of you to help your dog.

Will I get to see my dog during board and train?

We consider it counterproductive to visit your dog during this process. We update our Facebook page so you will be able to see the progress during the stay.

Does The Barking Zone use treats for training?

Occasionally. When we ask your dog to sit, we want them to sit for us, not for the treat. Overuse of treats can often lead to an unfocused who is constantly fixated on getting the reward. We like to suggest that your dog works for his meals. Meaning he is working for his daily food.

Why do we use prong collars?

A prong collar is a communication tool to your dog. It may look cruel, but the collar is actually one of the safest and most humane training tools when used correctly. Remember, tools are usually short term.

What is the purpose of training with an E-Collar?

If your goal is to have a dog who will obey you while off a leash, the E-Collar is the most reliable tool to communicate with them.

Exactly how safe is an E-Collar and how do you use it?

Modernized E-Collars are one of the most humane training tools when used correctly. The E-Collar that we use has wide range of 1-100. The working level is typically around 10-20, which is considered low stimulation. Your dog will feel a slight tickle sensation, thus allowing communication between the dog and human. Check out or video page to see how the E-Collar is used.

My dog is pulling and lunging on the walk. Can you fix that?

We have had great results with our training system to fix pulling, lunging and barking on the walk.

What makes your program different from others?

Our approach is unique because we analyze your dogs state of mind and determine how we can teach them to make better choices. We construct a relationship that doesn't involve bribing with treats and we begin training by learning the fundamental obedience and leadership exercises. Once we achieve the basics, then we'll be able to master anything!