Establishing a Well-Behaved Party Animal in Your Home

Interested in one of our Training Packages? Have A Question or Concern The Barking Zone can address for you regarding your pet?
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Board and Train

Board and Train

One week and two week 24/7 programs

Private Obedience Training

Private Obedience Training

Daycare an training combined for furry friends and their humans



Half day, full day, and nightly options, monthly passes available



Going on Vacation? Having work done on your house? Choose to board your loved one in a home environment.
This creates a more relaxing, calming living situation for your pet while you are away.
PLEASE NOTE: THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PAST AND CURRENT TRAINING CLIENTS. For non-clients with overnight boarding needs, please contact Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic at (205) 991-7986.

PLEASE NOTE: All Dogs must meet requirements to play. All dogs must be:

  • Spayed and neutered
  • People-friendly
  • Dog-friendly
  • Up to date on all vaccines

The requirements are ONLY for the dog daycare. This is NOT a requirement for dog training or a board and train program.

If you have a puppy or a new dog, training mini-terms and privates sessions are a great way to learn how to establish the basic rules and to secure a relationship that both you and your dog will be happy to live with. Or maybe you've had your dog for a while, but lately they've been disobeying your commands or learning bad habits - we can help!

Are you having problems with:
Your dog disobeying commands - ("sit," "down," or simply not coming when called)?
Your dog pulling on the leash?
Your dog's manners (jumping, chewing, nipping)?
Your dogs unruly behavior?
We like to instruct "The BZ Core 3," which will teach your dog to 1) come to you when called, 2) stay when told to stay, and 3) walk correctly on a leash.
The Barking Zone offers several different packages to choose from, with each designed to meet the needs of different dogs and their owners.