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The Barking Zone Dog Training Flash Drive

The Barking Zone Dog Training Flash Drive


How to make your dog awesome. This is a DIY instruction series. There are 39 videos to get your dog you are happy with. All hope owners want a dog that will come when called, stay when told and to walk properly. These videos are in order to make your dog awesome. This is the program we use for all our dogs in our training program (private sessions and board and train) to start the foundation of their training. This is a simple and easy to follow program.... included in these videos are leadership exercises (what are they and why) how to create habits for your dog (when I eat dinner, you go to place) obedience = sit, down, recall and how to stop bad behavior.

If you dog just meets one of the listed above questions - then this DIY program is for you!

• Drag you down the street and or not walk polite • Nuisance Barking out the window or when people come in the door • Does your dog not stay when told • Does your dog not come when called • Does your dog nip • Does your dog jump on People • Does your dog steal food from the counter or get in the trash • Does your dog go potty in the house • Does your dog not like the crate • Is your hyper all the time and does not know how to relax.

The Barking Zone collars

The Barking Zone collars


The Barking Zone collars are made from the company cycle dog. They are 1 inch wide and they have a bottle opener on them. They made from recycle bicycle tires so they are less smelly when they get wet! We have small, Medium and large.


Package 1:

Flash Drive & Barking Zone Collar - $80


Package 2:

Flash Drive, Prong Collar, Dog Leash and 20 foot long line - $100

Where I Buy My Training Supplies

Have you Wondered where do I buy my training supplies??? Here is a list of where I like to buy my Training tools! is where I get the “place” cots. They last forever and dogs love them. is where I get the Herm Sprenger prong collars and the other dog beds for place, leashes and long lines. This site has it all. Dog leash, collars, 20 foot long lines for recall and more. Also I love the quart pales for a water dish in the kennel. Attach a carabiner to be pale and hang it in the crate (no more dog spilling water) is where I get the remote collars. I like the mini educator 300. When you order... there are colors to choose from. Ask for the skins to match the collar ex. Pink on pink = pink collar and pink remote... they have several different colors. I like pink, blue and black! is where I buy the pet convincer. This is a great tool to help stop unwanted behavior (nuisance barking, jumping, monkey business in the crate and more)