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Day and Train Package

$350 (includes training collar)

The Daycare and Training Private Package is 4 privately taught sessions in which we will discuss what your goals are, and put together a plan to achieve them. We will begin working on fundamental obedience (leadership exercises, sit/stay, down/stay, place, recall, walking proper on the leash), and cover any issues such as: jumping, behavior problems, pulling on the leash, etc.

This is a program like a mini board and train without the boarding. Our board and train program is more intense, this is like the cliff notes of the program. The goal is to have this program accomplished in 1 week. We find it easier for the first 2 sessions it is just us and the dog working with no owner around. Your will drop your dog off for the day with us and we will work your dog during the day on Monday and Wednesday and they will play at daycare and learn a few things. Then you just pick up your dog those days and go about your business. The next 2 days will be scheduled within the next week with showing you what to do. You are welcome to drop your dog off to play on those scheduled days as well to play before our session.

Daycare and Train Remote Collar Private Package

$150 (plus $200 for mini educator 300) or you can purchase it yourself at

If you want to start remote collar training after finishing the day and train program - we will meet up for 2 sessions and show you how to use the remote in the training program. You have to be comfortable with the past program to move ahead to the remote collar program.

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