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Day and Train Foundation Party


This program is private sessions and more of a DIY program. We show you how to get that family pet to be the best it can be! In this program your dog will play at The Barking Zone dog daycare to learn to play proper with other dogs! They will be going home every day tired from the mental and physical activity. You will learn to teach your dog:

●Waiting at all thresholds and why is it important
●Waiting for their food and why is it important
●Crate training and why is it important.
●The place command and why is it important for different attitudes of different dogs
●Walking proper and why is it important.
●Sit and down
●3 stages to To get that awesome recall.

We will also be going over and help you fix unwanted behavior (nipping, chewing at the leash, jumping, counter surfing, dumpster diving, nuisance barking and more! A prong collar is included with this party!

Continuing Education for this program:
This program will include our download foundation DVD training program, which is the entire one week program in video format. It's a DIY How To video program for our one week program with over 30 videos to watch. This is a great tool to have if you are struggling with anything when you get home. This is for if you learn better by watching.

This program also includes our Foundation Training Book, which includes all this material in written format. If you like to read versus watch, there is a section of how to, when you get home if you are struggling

If you are struggling with anything, send us a video and we will post a video on social media to answer your question and if we need to meet up, let's meet up!

What is the cost to Party!


The party starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. You pick up your dog everyday from The Barking Zone and we meet up with you on Tuesday - Thursday at 12:00 or 1:00 to show you the program.

The party looks like this:

Monday: All day play and training (drop off anytime AM and pick up before 6:00 PM

Tuesday: All day play if you like and pick up before 6:00. We meet up with you and show you leadership exercises in the program.

Wednesday: All day play if you like and pick up before 6:00 PM. We meet up with you to show you are (3) stages to get that awesome recall

Thursday: All day play if you like and pick up before 6:00. We meet up and add distractions to the training and Q & A

By the end of Thursday you will know the program and how to have your dog succeed!

Daycare and Train Remote Collar Party

$150 (plus $200 for mini educator 300) or you can purchase it yourself at

This party is after you have succeeded and feel comfortable with the foundation day and train program. If you want to take your dog to the next level, this is it. You will need to purchase a remote collar! We recommend the mini educator 300 at, which is a little under $200. You get what you pay for and these are excellent collars. This party will lead you to off leash obedience with your dog to have that reliable recall and off leash heel! This party also helps educate your dog with anything you were struggling with in the foundation program (example, your dog keeps breaking place, jumping....) this party will fix all that.

What is the cost to party?

$ 150 And you are responsible to purchase the remote collar.

The party looks like this! (2) private session to show you how to use the remote in the training program. Daycare is also included!

Continuing education for this party! You will receive our remote collar training book which is the entire program in a book to help you succeed!

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